Fake Social Network Projects For Students

Web Writing Projects

Fake iPhone Text


Click Create and fakeiphonetext.com will generate a picture that resembles actual text on an iphone.

My Fake Wall

create a fake facebook page about a historical or literary character. You can include people your character would have been friends with, geographical information, educational background,  groups they would have joined, family members.


Here is a Word Template if you prefer

Fake Tweet Builder

You may have heard of twitter which is a social networking site.  You can post short blocks of text called tweets.  You are limited to 140  characters per tweet.

Result without customization:

A few more fun things:
http://vozme.com/index.php?lang=en type or paste in a block of text,  click choose male or female voice, click create mp3

You know those URLs that are two miles long and by the time the student has typed it in, found their spelling error and gotten to the correct site, the class period is nearly up and both of you are frustrated and tired? No more!!
Go to either of these sites and type or paste in your long URL one time.? ?A cute,? ?short,? ?tiny little address will be created that you can give your students and they will be rocking along on that website in no time?!

I hope you have fun with this - I did!

Some PowerPoint Tips

By default, PowerPoint enters a new bullet every time you press Enter, as long as you’re using the bulleted list format. Fortunately, you’re not stuck. Hold down the Shift key and press Enter to insert a soft return. This will drop the insertion point to the next line without adding a new bullet

To add guides to a slide to help you line up objects just right-click on the slide and choose grid and guidelines from the context menu, check Display Drawing Guide On Screen and click OK.  By default there are only two guides but you can click a guide and move it. If you need more guides press control and drag a guide.  Instead of moving the guide to a new position, Powerpoint generates a new guide.

To create a summary slide with links to go back to specific places in the document, list the slides on the summary slide.  Select a list item and choose insert hyperlink.  Click place in this document.  Choose the slide.  Click OK.  You could use the same process to create a table of contents at the beginning if you prefer.

TCEA 2010 Gimping It Up

beth phinny
big spring high school
leslie ferris
lubbock cooper high school

GNU image manipulation program

up to version 2.6


alien project
picture of person
select what part (face)
click on rectangular select
draw square around upper body
crop to selection
that gets rid of excess
distort Iwarp
opens a window
grow option
deform radius – choose between 25-35 kind of play with it
click on forehead and kind of click out to pull it out bigger
if you don’t like it you can click reset
when ready – click okay
filter distort iwarp again
grow the eyes – little horizontal lines slowly
shrink chin same process only shrink instead of grow
to colorize
click on color, colorize choose numbers to get hue and saturation

selective colorization
6 steps
duplicate layer
click on background copy
make it b and w – desaturate sure whatever
turn off eyeball on background copy
click on erasure get size you can work with – brackets change size
erase the black and white part you want to end up in color

new image
choose size
click ok
foreground and background color
click on paintbrush tool
click on top, hold down shift, drag it down and click on bottom and it will create a straight line
make ten of these across the image (vertical lines)
use filter – distort, polar coordinates
make sure that checkmark is on 2 polar
gaussian blur



TCEA 2010 ENO Board Demo

I watched a demo on the Eno board which is what we are going to have at the high school next year.  You can use them with your computer, with easy touch software, you can use dry erase markers.  The presenter even wrote on it with a sharpie and the later traced the writing with a dry erase marker (said you can use anything alcohol based) and wiped the sharpie off.

The board is also magnetic and there is a magnetic icon strip you can affix to the board.  You can use the pen that comes with it to access the functions and also draw or write on whatever you are projecting on the board.

They say they are not at all locked down, that the are just drivers and so the board is open to use with anything.  I don’t completely understand that but according to their website:

The eno board application runs on an open platform that works with existing software/operating systems, meaning education and business systems that have previous investments in software can still utilize applications

Here is a video demonstration

Here is a link to software that can be used with it.

Revitalizing Old Hardware Using GnuLinux and LTSP

revitalizing old hardware using Gnu\Linux and LTSP



rom-o-matic cds

over my head but interesting LOL

thin client

can’t afford a computer lab?
doesn’t have 1:1 student ratio
need to use old and obsolete hardware

linux is a kernal basically some device drivers to run your computer
finland linux torvalds wrote it
richard stallman created free software – fsf.org
gpl gnu public license (virus of licenses – anything that is a derivative of this code has t be shared
reverse copyright

community of professional programmers contributing out of love, arrogance, helpfulness. financial motivation

the number 1337 – means ?


If you have a computer running linux you have access to all linux software – software repository

no licensing fees
no copyright infringement
better use of ram
no hidden TSR (terminate and stay resident)
strong control over user network and program permissions

os is more than just the desktop

linux terminal server project
1 fairly new computer then a group of older computers
server with nics
network interface cards
thin clients
fat clients
1 card getting connection to internet
one connection to the other computers

on average need at least 1 gb ram for each 10 thin clients
min requirements for thin clients
pentium II with 48 mg ram and 2 mg display card

attendee said he likes slackware – that it runs on old machines efficiently
slackware users install slackware once and then no changes
not a good system for beginners


aww the presenter has his mom running ubuntu )

Linux is secure
permissions are read write or execute priveleges

setting up ltsp
older computers go into bios
boot menu
boot from server?
some don’t have that option
thin client – no hard drive to speak up – server actually running the programs
fat clients can be configured to run some programs
edubuntu easiest to get running
k12 linux as well 0 install on a usb drive and try it out
can run windows terminal sessions
can use with active directory
samba shares
can use with windows shares

TCEA 2010 Creating Video Tutorials With Jing

 Creating Video Tutorials with Jing
fort sam houston school district
Dr. Rios
what is jing
image capture
video capture
other freebies
free techsmith program
storage for videos is free

presi.com used to make their presentation – free web based
http://todaysmeet.com/UsingJing online chat during presentation
up to five minutes swf video
save to screencast.com (free account)
for mac and windows
snag pic of screen
record vid of onscreen action
share instantly on web
free 2 gb storage
2 gb monthly bandwidth
click and drag
or select a window
capture image
manip preview
add text
add arrows
boxes, and highlighting
save or copy to clipboard or send to screencast

records audio too
3 sec countdown
record up to five minutes

(follow fshisd on twitter)
pro upgrade lets you go to youtube and itunes own camera and 14.95 a year

screencast pro account 25 gb storage
snagit and camtasia
200 gb or bandwidth – $10 per month or 100 a year

jing sun icon resides on your desktop
options features capture hotkey settings
free format is swf but pro does mpeg4
establish free screencast account
you can use other video there besides jing
sun icon can be hidden and reside in your programs toolbar

click capture button on sun
highlight what you want to capture or video
options on left toolbar -arrows, text, draw box around things, highlight sections,
keeps history on hard drive in jing

video tutorial how to

3 sec countdown then mic turns on
talk and do whatever then click stop
video is created

once on screencast you can grab the html code and embed it on blog or webpage

jing does not resize so set size to smallest
camtasia will resize and fit the window

vid tuts hints
anything where teachers will see desktop – make sure your desktop is clean
screencast page (They have a bunch of comic life tuts)

embedded on blog – hits count on your bandwidth
jing pro or camtasia lets you use with a webcam
you can also save to hard drive as flash video
free jing is only five minutes
break information into chunks
online lectures camtasia relay
voice recording will pick up internal mic or you can use headset
tell jing which mic you are going to use

celtx.com  screenwriting
livestream procaster
format factory
dimdim web meetings
edmodo free private social networks for teachers
xtranormal.com – if you can type you can create 3d movies

Presenter brought students with him.  They created and actually ran the presentation and they were very knowledgeable.  I would love to see more student participation in these presentations.

TCEA 2010 3 Blogging Basics and Beyond

Session 3

blogging basics and beyond
Tammy Worcester
walk through on creating a blog on blogger
name, address
check address availability
enter the captcha letters
choose theme or template
can always change it later
blog has been created - you can start blogging
add a post and then you can view the blog

different ways you can post to the blog
you see the tools, pencil and the new post button - only the blog owner sees those
you can remove components if you don’t like some of what is on the sidebar.

igoogle - search for blogger
add gadget that allows you to post to blogger right from igoogle

go to customize
you can set up a scheduled post like all your spelling words or a tech tip per week
go to link for email and mobile
ignore send address  (you can have it email people everytime you post here)
scroll down to posting options
create an email address
you can send a blog post from any email account

can set it up to require word verification and if it should email you when you get a comment and you have to approve it - moderated

some new blogger settings
you can now create pages of static information (up to ten static)

jump break
lets you just show partial posts with a link to continue

lets you record your voice, listen and if you are happy with it click post on the internet
you will get some embed code to paste into your blog.

other embeddable:

youtube video
delicious tags
flickr slide shows
issuu upload a pdf and makes an ebook
chat room meebo

teacher ideas
weekly newsletter
sharing student work
spelling lists
teaching tips
a blog of widgets
resources for parents
feedback from parents
lesson plans
absent student info

teacher and student blog ideas
reading response journal
gathering data
photo essays
younger students - post pic of something green for example


The best “new” information here was that you can now set up the email address in blogger that you want posts emailed to.  If you are using blogger with your class your students will not have to log in to the actual blog.  They just email their posts in.  You then set it to notify you whenever a post comes in and you can moderate what appears in the blog.  Much easier and better control.

TCEA Session 2 Using Mobile Technology To Differentiate Instruction

TCEA Session 2
Using Mobile Technology To Differentiate Instruction
Karen Fasimpaur
students in high school bored - not relevant, too easy, too difficult,
below grade level performance
high absenteeism
high drop out rates
text book not the best too for differentiating instruction
potential solution
mobile devices facilitate tutorials, practice activities, mini-lessons, projects
research says
student choice
for product and process
information chunks
language support
linked glossaries
different levels of text
graphic organizers
multiple practice opportunities
multimedia = engagement
tech options
ebook readers
mp3 players
mobile video players
cell phones
easier to integrate
brings equity for students who don’t have access to tech at home
gives privacy for students to learn at their own pace
One to one
-activity oriented design
backward design approach
Understanding by design

1. identify desired results
2. determine acceptable evidence
3. plan learning experiences and instruction

software, content and lessons
virtual field trips

to read ebook - software to read an ebook and the content

microsoft reader

change color of text and size

interact with the text

add text, annotate, highlight
text to speech
some have synced actual speech
service for special needs students

grammar and sentence diagramming
ebook they have developed
scaffolding and remediation built in
kids will navigate independently

free some are available in public library
more and more are being made available
usually mobipocket
austin library has tumblebooks?
menybooks.net free ebooks  middle school level mostly

java used for interactive ebooks

kindle annotations - use with kindle app for pc and you can manipulate text, import into word - she didn’t talk about that - it is fairly new.

Audio books
research shows effective for improved reading
appropriate for special needs students
linked to gutenberg mostly

mini movies
3-5 minute clips
information chunks
video is very passive needs a way to engage
showed video where a word is shown, pronounces then a hand pointing and the student is to say the word
math - algebra 2 step equation
talking whiteboard movie
shows the math problem worked out step by step
record audio later and put it together
can use graphics tablet for writing
have students create the movies
watchknow (started by one of the guys who started wikipedia)
make your own
have students make their own

writing project - grammar instruction
load powerpoints on a website where students can put them on their mobile devices

multimedia files posted online
students can subscribe
lots of free content available
wide variety of content
can be played on many platforms
allows time shifting
great tool for student project creation
links to great podcasting examples on the website

graphic organizers
inspiration (commercial) can go back and forth between graphic and outline
can be used individually or collaboratively
challenge to web 2.0 - system to use usernames and passwords

google docs
or school version - google apps
grant writing
collaborative lesson planning
group projects

cell phones

quick ideas - text, photo, voice

smart phones vs. not smart phones

educational applications

photo blogging

take picture with your phone and text it to your blog


wordpress.com - they host

wordpress.org - hosted by you

google sms text define mobile 466453

instant response system poll everywhere

voice thread

TCEA 2010 session 1 Language Arts Activities using Office

TCEA session 1
Karen Ferrel
Language Arts Activities using Microsoft Office

teach Language arts and an office skill


1. sentence elaboration
copy and paste
The dog ran.
to elaborate - see wherer they started and where they ended up for complete concrete visual of improvement
copy and paste sentence - add an adjective
The spotted dog ran.
How did the dog run?
The spotted dog ran swiftly.
more descriptive what breed?
The spotted dalmation ran swiftly.
The spotted dalmation swiftly trotted.
some language arts skills
teach open word, copy and paste,

Passive Verbs
Find and replace
given a prepared sentence or paragraph
use find and replace to find passive verbs like is
and replace with is but click more
format - replace unhighlighted is with highlighted is
replace is replace all
student can quickly see that they have a lot of is in there
vary sentence structure
find The (captital The space) check match case
this highlights all the sentences that start with The
you can change the colors of highlight

Parts of Speech
formatting and or highlighting
prepared paragraph
or their own writing
have them go through and highlight or bold all the verbs or different font
or underline
can use format painter
find all the nouns?
select noun, highlight
double click format painter
it will now stay active
now click off painter and click maybe the verbs
change format and click on format painter


sentence generator
tools addins box tool pack - click first tow little check boxes

has spread sheet of words click f9 and it generates a new sentence
uses a combination of an if statement
function =if randbetween

can highlight the list and format font to white so kids don’t see the words
file available online

design the sentences
create table
ID student name adjective noun 1 noun 2 adverb past tense verb
add data for each field

she used label wizard type in what sentence might look like
student name
the space adjective space noun space verb to the noun.
it will put them in there for you
detailed instructions online

drawn objects with text

click on the ? could be noun?  whatever you want them to click on
create text box, type in sentence, enlarge font
create buttons to tell student if they clicked right or wrong
can create prompts 1n WordArt
e.g. try again, you are right, maybe a star that says correct!
if they click anywhere on the sentence besides the noun we want it to say try again
custom animation
add effect to try again
enter, dissolve?
attach animation to (right click timing box comes up click triggers)
first everything will be try again
create boxes over nouns for exceptions
make  fill transparent so word will show (and no outline)
add animation effect for correct and again right click timing trigger and choose rectangle number (whatever is correct)

Error eraser
use this for finding an error in a sentence (taks)
(this one is in book - Gamewise for Language Arts
matching game
booth 935 and 2479
conference price for book 27.00

Design Matters

K12 Online conference notes from 2009

found these in the archives

Design matters when creating presentations for classes, for staff development, for anything tyou expect other humans to pay attention to

asset map
studio as design model
do no harm
does it work is it beautiful powerful inspiring?
planning matters
help students focus
visually illiterate
flickr storm david jakes tutorial
images that build some thought
supplement their writing
whitespace and transitions
less is more position key elements for empahsis
transitions to change pace or ideas
constraints keep it tight
focus ideas
elimination matters
seeking significance
no templates
personal touch matters
even worksheet and handout design matters
does assessment help students focus on design
branding matters

a pageflake built around reflections on these
presentations rather than using pageflakes just for feeds

ideas - photos of people for staff dev presentations - one pointing at the screen on wall
one looking at the computer screen